Initiative overview

Purpose of establishment

 In March 2021, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government formulated  "Future Tokyo: Tokyo's Long - Term Strategy" to address various tasks for realising a sustainable society, including achieving a zero-emission Tokyo and preparing for the future society DX (digital transformation) would bring.
 It is critical to promote policies not only via public administration, but also by making better use of academic knowledge and insights to appropriately react to these increasingly sophisticated and complicated situations.
 In this context, the Tokyo Metropolitan Public University Corporation aims to strengthen the survey and research functions developed by Tokyo Metropolitan University, promote research addressing the problems of the metropolitan government from an academic standpoint under the theme of 'sustainability', provide research outcomes and make policy proposals to the metropolitan government, and disseminate research findings and information on the website and through seminars  for Tokyo residents.

Details of initiatives

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government departments and our corporation will collaborate to carry out research and studies to achieve a sustainable society.

About the logo

The logo image

The major theme of the Initiative is ‘the realisation of a sustainable society’, and the desire to achieve the SDGs is expressed in the logo as a ceaseless flow into the future.